I often feel guilty about wanting boxes to put things in. “Labels are dumb!” blah blah blah. But labels are also necessary, plus I’m kind of a social scientist at heart and feel a need to put qualifiers and quantifiers on everything, especially myself.

Unfortunately, labelling yourself is hard and confusing and takes a lot of trial-and-error messiness, especially when you’re young and inexperienced at this whole being-an-individual thing. So here’s a timeline-y collection of labels that I’ve experimentally pasted on myself, including some that are starting to lose their stickiness, for posterity’s sake. Perhaps over time I can turn these into some kind of artwork:


  • current default: student, artist, UX person
  • June 2013 – new role on my main side project: UX head/person/lead/person/director

Orientation (general sexual/romantic)

  • current default: something
  • Aug 2013 – for a coming-out pledge form: panromantic and vaguely asexual (but don’t feel comfortable identifying as ‘queer’)

Orientation (a/sexuality)

  • current default: vaguely asexual/asexual-ish/somewhere close to asexual
  • Oct 2012 – broken up for a while, fantasizing back to cuddling: asexual but I’m not sure if those feelings make me demisexual or something
  • Jul 2012 – when I started feeling a bit carried away with thinking about my love interest: demisexual…??? (I felt and feel more interested in making them feel good and the idea of it being extremely intimate than actual sexytimes, though.)
  • Nov 2011 – learnt about asexuality: asexual


  • current default: female
  • July 2013 – for a research survey: 20% feminine, <10% masculine (forgot what exactly)

Fashion & Style

  • current default (set Sep 2013): tomboy femme leaning towards feminine
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