Yay, disclaimers!

  • This is a personal blog. Views expressed here are my own, and not representative of my school or employer.
  • Views change. Brain Fallout was born with the intent of being a platform for getting ideas out of my mind and (hopefully) discussion of those views. This means that blog posts will be spontaneous, largely unedited, and not particularly thematic. This blog should be thought of as a time-lapse view of a young person’s mind, and as such my current views may be entirely different from those expressed in posts from the past. I think this is a natural outcome of having an open mind, and honestly I’d be slightly alarmed if my views didn’t change (or at the very least, get more nuanced) over time. But yes – me then ≠ me now, even if “then” and “now” are only a week apart.
  • Er, that said, though… My tendency to edit in the days following a post. If you follow me via email you’ll often notice that posts have changed between what you got in the email and what is live on the blog. Usually posts will settle down within 48 hours of publishing, and if there are substantial changes I’ll just make a new one.
  • Comments policy. I take no responsibility for comments on the blog left by readers. I will not censor nor delete comments unless they are spam, completely off-topic, hate speech etc. Civil, tolerant, substantiated and well-thought-out comments will always be appreciated on this blog. Funny ones, too. A good rule for commenting is to remember that the person behind the other input device is a human being too – a human being who, just like you, has feelings and hopes and dreams and raw nerves and a complicated backstory.
  • Amendments. I’ll do my best to ensure the accuracy of what I post, but I’m as prone to slip-ups as the next blogger. If you spot something that seems wrong, please let me know with a comment or contact me directly, and I’ll post an amendment.

Your thoughts?

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