Creative Writing

Dark in the water
we stood, you breathing
me trying to follow
the rise and fall of your body
as bubbles rose around you
but not from me for I had
held my breath too long

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Here is a very short thing I wrote half a year ago. I think I eventually want to put some fiction and attempts at poetry on here as well. I haven’t thought much about these two, especially not Elizabeth, who currently still feels like a Token Asexual in my mind – a lot of my headcanon about them revolves around balancing a super-sexual Annette with a slightly repulsed Elizabeth.

She’d seen the search history terms in the little Google drop-down list on Annette’s computer: “Social network analysis” AND feminism NOT facebook. Will girlfriend mind if I’m not a virgin. Matlab license expired. Matlab crack torrent. (Why Annette didn’t just ask the IT department for help was always a mystery to Elizabeth.) Does my girlfriend want to have sex with me. Is two months too soon sex. What the hell is a segmentation fault. C “segmentation fault” C null pointer. How do i ask my girlfriend to sex. She’d have laughed out loud at the last one if it hadn’t filled her with a wave of fear.

Elizabeth had followed that search term and a trail of purple links to a slightly dubious how-to website with featured articles like “How To Start A Bar Fight”, though she had to admit that the suggestions there were good. When Annette eventually brought the topic up, three weeks later, it had been comfortable, pressure-free, and consistent with the guide to the letter: even the way she had phrased her questions was identical.

Oh, Annette.