Hi there, and thanks for visiting Brain Fallout! I’m currently a college/university student, and here I think out loud on topics that interest me. The title of the blog comes from a saying I heard several years ago that I try my best to live by: “You don’t have to be so open-minded that your brain falls out.” It only occurred to me later that the word “fallout” generally has negative connotations, but I liked the image of thought-particles settling to the ground.

The “tl;dr” version of my About Me. I like knowing things. My interests include tech, art, language, writing, life (ha), cultural observations, psychology/mental health, and LGBTQ/GSD (gender and sexual diversity issues), so that’s what you’ll see here. I don’t really have a political conviction but I lean towards social egalitarianism. I was raised in a somewhat conservative household, but the views I find myself drawn to…differ from those I grew up with sometimes. Still coming to terms with that. I have a lot of internal cultural conflicts that I’m still unsure how to resolve. I’m an explicit negative atheist. I’m young. My philosophy is “hear all sides” and I take it quite seriously.

About the blogger. I’ve chosen to remain pseudonymous for a reason, but with that said, this is a personal blog and many entries will find inspiration in my personal life. Here’s some possibly-relevant background information:

  • I don’t think I qualify as a philomath yet, but I’m interested in many things. Still, you’ll see a greater amount of material (and likely better commentary) on this blog when it comes to my pet interests: technology, art, language, writing, school life, cultural observations, psychology and mental health, and LGBTQ/GSD (gender and sexual diversity) issues. See also below.
  • In the long term, I hope to either enter academia or work in the tech industry. They’re just vague directions of course – I don’t really know yet. I also consider myself an artist and aim to be a semi-professional illustrator.
  • I don’t have a political conviction, in part because I don’t believe that a person’s opinions on a huge spectrum of issues can be summed up that neatly – but I do tend to lean towards social egalitarianism.
  • My cultural background: I was raised in a somewhat conservative household, but with access to the internet (ha ha ha).The ideas I grew up with include community over self, duty to family and society, fairness, meritocracy, pragmatism, perpetually planning for the future, striving for moderate success, and the importance of empirical evidence. I don’t agree with all of them.
  • Although I find listening to people talk about their belief – or lack of it – fascinating, I much prefer doing that in real life rather than on the internet. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m an atheist – to be exact, an explicit negative atheist. That means that although I don’t deny the existence of deities (the negative part), I do not believe in them either (the explicit part). I also continue to identify with the label I grew up with, “freethinker”, though that doesn’t explicitly exclude theism.
  • My gender is female and my orientation is “something” (here is a post that talks a bit more about this and here is my collection of personal labels). Yes, that means I’ll post about LGBTQ and asexual issues a fair bit.
    • I understand that many people aren’t entirely comfortable with these topics – it’s my hope that you will at least read those posts to better understand why they are important to me (even better, post comments and questions!) But if they make you very uncomfortable, I’d advise staying away from entries tagged as such, or this blog entirely. Entries that discuss them in detail will be cut off with a ‘Read More’ jump.
  • The general philosophy I live my life by is to be as open-minded as possible while maintaining tolerance and respect for all sides involved, regardless of which view(s) I feel more partial to. I take this quite seriously, which can cause (and has caused) a great deal of confusion, uncertainty and possibly a large change in or expansion of my views from time to time. This is also why I expect most of the entries on this blog will not have a firm conclusion despite supporting some sort of opinion and worldview. If you don’t like following thoughts down paths that diverge and overlap and branch and stop suddenly and possibly start heading in the opposite direction, this is not the place for you.
    • More succinctly put: I like the motto “hear all sides”, and have no opposition to substantially amending (or abandoning) previously held positions – perhaps multiple times – after due consideration.
  • Adding on to that point, I’m young – not a teenager, but not far past that either. I’m still figuring many things out, and I’m at a stage where things in my life are suddenly changing very quickly. For instance, in the span of only five months, I fell in love (started having emotions, basically) for the first time, had my heart broken also for the first time, then started university in an environment very different from the one I grew up in – these were major turning points in my interests and the way I thought about many things, and I still haven’t entirely regained my footing.

If you read all of that, congratulations! You now have a better picture of who I am than (totally guesstimating here) 70% of the people I know. Why not start reading the blog with a random post?


Your thoughts?

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