An old vignette

Here is a very short thing I wrote half a year ago. I think I eventually want to put some fiction and attempts at poetry on here as well. I haven’t thought much about these two, especially not Elizabeth, who currently still feels like a Token Asexual in my mind – a lot of my headcanon about them revolves around balancing a super-sexual Annette with a slightly repulsed Elizabeth.

She’d seen the search history terms in the little Google drop-down list on Annette’s computer: “Social network analysis” AND feminism NOT facebook. Will girlfriend mind if I’m not a virgin. Matlab license expired. Matlab crack torrent. (Why Annette didn’t just ask the IT department for help was always a mystery to Elizabeth.) Does my girlfriend want to have sex with me. Is two months too soon sex. What the hell is a segmentation fault. C “segmentation fault” C null pointer. How do i ask my girlfriend to sex. She’d have laughed out loud at the last one if it hadn’t filled her with a wave of fear.

Elizabeth had followed that search term and a trail of purple links to a slightly dubious how-to website with featured articles like “How To Start A Bar Fight”, though she had to admit that the suggestions there were good. When Annette eventually brought the topic up, three weeks later, it had been comfortable, pressure-free, and consistent with the guide to the letter: even the way she had phrased her questions was identical.

Oh, Annette.


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